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Show Post Categories: release 1

Today, I am excited to announce general availability of a new WordPress Plugin: Show Post Categories. This application will complement many of the already available shortcode and functions found within WordPress. Looking from close by one will notice a lot of bells and whistles under the hood of this Open-Source CMS, unfortunately many of them are still hidden away in some complex PHP coding that can be difficult to use for the average Joe.

If you are wondering what exactly Show Post Categories will do, here’s a list what it can today;

  • Show all post categories linked to a blog post or page
  • Filter on 1 specific parent category so only its children are visible
  • Show the blog post or page title
  • All the above, including a hyperlink towards the category itself

This list will obviously keep on growing in the near future so stay tuned for more options, and -if wanted- let me know what kind of features you are currently missing; I´ll try to add them ASAP.

Because WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time I´ve decided to give something back to the many users and developers who contribute their free time to make blogging and e-commerce within reach of just anyone;

Starting right now Show Post Categories is freely available at the WordPress Plugin Directory

Example Code:

You are reading the post titled;
Show Post Categories: release 1

[show_post_categories show="title"]

This post is linked to categories;
Release, Show Post Categories, Wordpress

[show_post_categories show="category"]

You can make them clickable using the hyperlink attribute;
Release, Show Post Categories, Wordpress

[show_post_categories show="category" hyperlink="yes"]

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