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Show Post Categories: release 2.2.2

A new version of Show Post Categories is ready for download! In the latest version, I’ve made some major upgrades by adding more features, and I greatly improved performance in key components of the plugin. The Readme file received an update, by showing a new set of attributes, and some screenshots have been added to the WP directory too.

Quick overview of new features in version 2.2.2;

  • Show post ID
  • Show post or page Author (nice name)
  • Activate hyperlink for Post ID, Author or Post Title
  • Set custom separator
  • Added error message in case new user forgot to set main attribute

“Show-Post-Categories : You forgot to set an attribute for the required action (=show)!”

Unfortunately, between our first and current release I had to make the decision of rewriting some core functionality. In other words; if you will be upgrading from v1 to v2.2.2 some post or pages will most certainly output an error message.

The reason for it is pretty simple: I had the choice between supporting legacy or building the foundation for a major new release I´m currently working on. Hopefully you can understand my decision, and I promise to you this will not happen again 🙂

Show Post Categories is available to download at the WordPress Plugin Directory

Code Examples

You are reading the post titled;
Show Post Categories: release 2.2.2

[show_post_categories show="title"]

This post has the following ID in our database;

[show_post_categories show="id"]

This post is linked to categories;
Release, Show Post Categories, Uncategorized, Wordpress

[show_post_categories show="category"]

You can make them clickable using the hyperlink attribute;
Release, Show Post Categories, Uncategorized, Wordpress

[show_post_categories show="category" hyperlink="yes"]

You can modify the default separator too;
Release| Show Post Categories| Uncategorized| Wordpress

[show_post_categories show="category" hyperlink="yes" separator="| "]

In case you did not notice it, the post is written by;

[show_post_categories show="author"]

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