Show Post Categories: release 2.2.21

Earlier today, I released the newest version of Show Post Categories.

Although this update contains some huge upgrades we´ve kept the revisioning number very humble; v2.2.21. The reason for this comes due the fact that I have mainly optimized the core functionality by, for instance, adding an options page. Such page should allow you to easily modify default behavior. Something that was – in my eyes – an important feature.

If you haven´t read the FAQ on the WordPress Plugin Directory nor the provided readme, here´s a short list of changes;

  • Added options page at WP Settings menu
  • Added link from plugin page directly towards the options page
  • Added uninstall.php for proper cleanup
  • Removed hard coded setting for separator; you can modify default behavior
  • Provided option to overrule default behavior of separator; you can modify this ad hoc too
  • Prepared for I18n; in the meanwhile you can modify the hyperlink text yourself

For those who are completely new to this plugin: Show Post Categories allows you to list all categories linked to either a WordPress post or page. Using a very simple shortcode you can show not only some categories but author information, Post/page ID, etc..
I´m adding new functions the moment I´m able to; so if anything seems to be missing for you: just ask!

Some people have asked why this plugin would be useful to them, so I´m busy writing a post with some examples to show you guys. This should arrive within a few days. Anyways; I hope you´ll enjoy v2.2.21!

Starting right now Show Post Categories is freely available to download at the WordPress Plugin Directory

Options Page


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