Show Post Categories: release 2.2.32

It has been about 4 months since we´ve released a new version. Starting from today your WordPress installation will prompt a new update; Show Post Categories v2.2.32 

This new release follows after some time of silence. The previous version was no more then patchwork for some annoying bugs reported by a single user on the WordPress Support Forum. They were not critical nor did they change something to the default behaviour. Because I was running short of time -due to other high priority projects- I decided to just put the new code online. Today it´s different..

I´ve kindly been informed that Show Post Categories did not work in case of Custom Taxonomy. I was aware that someday someone would want this function. Although I was saving it as one of the many new features for the next major update I´ve decided to release a minor update so you´d already be able to work with Show Post Categories – just as expected.

Custom Taxonomy is something not that many of us work with. At least, most users wont not notice they are working with something as Custom Taxomnomy. Known taxonomies are; “Portfolio” or “Projects”. They´re found in many Third Party themes. To find out more about it I suggest you read the following article , or just google this topic: )

Show Post Categories v2.2.32 and above will now have built-in support for Custom Taxonomy. You will be able to use this with either Category or Tag shortcode. And as bonus there will be a new shortcode wich list the exact taxonomy name used in your blogpost.

Now how does it work? Good question. During development I had some difficulties to know how a user wants to interact with it. My first idea was adding a required attribute. A user would need to type the “Custom Taxonomy”-name to make it work. But pretty soon it became clear to me this would only be feasible for advanced users. That´s why we made the taxonomy attribute optional. Show Post Categories wil, by default, automaticly detect what taxonomy to activate. It is up to you to provide an attribute or not. But it´s my bet that only in case of troubleshooting you´ll want to add this attribute.

Hope you´ll enjoy this new release, in case of questions feel free to leave a post or drop me an email.

Untill next time!


A small overview of new features;

  • Show category from custom post or page
  • Show tag from custom post or page
  • Show custom taxonomy name from custom post or page

The WordPress plugin is freely available for download at the official WordPress Plugin Directory

Example Code

This post is linked to categories;
Release, Show Post Categories, Wordpress

[show_post_categories show="category"]

This post is linked to tags;
Custom Taxonomy, v2.2.32

[show_post_categories show="tag"]

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