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Show Post Categories: release 2.2.4

We are happy to announce a new release of our WordPress Plugin “Show Post Categories“. Due to other projects the release cycle has been delayed a few times but you can expect some updates very soon.

This time we expanded the attribute list for showing more of the available “Author” details, and we´ve added 2 brand new options: “Category Description” & “Post Excerpt”. Those additional features should enable you to make some more powerful templates in WordPress.

I hope you will enjoy this update!

Example Code

To print additional attributes of an Author you will need to add attributes to the SPC Shortcode, like so:

[show_post_categories show="author" attribute="firstname"]

Available attributes are:

  • attribute="url"
  • attribute="email"
  • attribute="nicename"
  • attribute="nickname"
  • attribute="firstname"
  • attribute="lastname"
  • attribute="ID"
  • attribute="authorpage"

To print a Post Excerpt, add the following Shortcode. Please note: by default it shows the current Post Excerpt of 55 Characters.

[show_post_categories show="excerpt"]

Available attributes are:

  • id="121" (Post ID)
  • attribute="100" (Excerpt Length)

To print a Category Description, add the following Shortcode. Please note: you will need to enter a Category ID from which you need the Description .

[show_post_categories show="catdesc" id="12"]

Change Log


  • Added new attributes to;
    • Author
  • Added new Shortcode for;
    • Category Description
    • Post Excerpt



Directly from the WordPress Plugin repository (link) or through your personal WordPress Plugin Dashboard.

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